It was only a matter of time until Jessica Biel had to puller duty as a woman of the woods. Yes, the actress appears in Justin Timberlake's music video for his new song "Man of the Woods," released Friday, marking her first-ever appearance in one of her husband's videos. In the video, Timberlake, wearing an appropriately outdoorsy red plaid shirt, distressed jeans, and hiking boots, skips, jumps, and dances through the woods—incidentally, a great way to break an ankle and/or neck—while the camera acts as the eyes of a person following him. Midway through, it's revealed that it's actually Biel who had been following him all around. After the pair take a shot of tequila, they hop in a rowboat before being magically transported to the dance floor inside a rustic tavern. Biel, in a dreamy, backless white dress cinched at the waist with a belt, waltzes around the room with her husband, then, after a brief dance break for JT and an army of woodsy Timber-clones, dances off into a field, arm-in-arm with her husband.

Earlier this week, while going track-by-track through his new album Man of the Woods with Beats 1's Zane Lowe, Timberlake opened up about the romantic inspiration for the titular track. "There are other songs on the album, videos that I feel require a different level of performance, but that one was the first song written for the album that was written specifically about [Biel]," he said of the song, which includes sweet lyrics like, "How do I ever explain what I've got with you? / I try to find the words, but they hide and that's the truth / And nobody ever will understand what we do / There's only one, me and you." Timberlake continued, "There’s two love letters on the album. 'Man of the Woods' is my love letter to her, and 'Young Man' is my love letter to my son. And so it just felt like nothing else would do."

The Super Bowl LII halftime performer also spoke about how happy he was to star alongside Biel in the music video for the song. "You hear all these stories about people who work together that are, you know, bonded otherwise, and it was so easy," he said. "I actually hope we get to work together again on more stuff, you know, because having her around, she's such an influence on the album. And so in that song being so special, it just felt like a great moment for us to share. And I just wanted it to be honest."

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