Kim Kardashian has been on something of a tear recently wearing some of the greatest runway hits of '90s fashion, but it seems like her mood board may skew toward one specific inspiration than just the decade in general. In recent days, the Internet has noticed that many of those recent vintage looks Kardashian has been turning up in were originally worn on the runway or red carpet by none other than Naomi Campbell.

Now, to give Kardashian a little benefit of the doubt, Campbell was at the top her runway game in the '90s (a peak, mind you, that she really hasn't fallen far from since), and her show-stopping walk demanded that the top designers who booked her give her a show-stopping look to match. Anyone with the means and interest in amassing a wardrobe full of '90s designer clothing would almost have to go out of their way not to wear something that Campbell once wore during the decade.

Still, at this point, Kardashian's penchant for Campbell-inspired looks seems not to be a coincidence, and the Internet is quickly noticing.

The 1998 Versace gown Kim Kardashian wore in December to the opening of The Cher Show on Broadway? Not only had Campbell worn the dress herself to the Fragrance Awards back in 2015, but actually premiered it on the runway all those years ago.


Jenny Anderson

The Azzedine Alaïa leopard-print jumpsuit Kardashian was seen out and about in while visiting Paris last week? Campbell wore that one originally on the runway as well (not surprisingly, as she was so close to the designer that she considered him a father figure).


And the examples go on, and on, and on. Indeed, Kardashian was spotted attending Chance the Rapper's wedding this weekend in a vintage Versus Versace dress that Campbell not only wore on the runway but that her wax figure wore when it made its debut.

The wardrobe overlaps have also been noted by fashion watchdog @Diet_Prada.

Most of the dresses in question either seem to be by Alaïa or Versace. Campbell was uniquely close with each designer, but Kardashian, too, has maintained a relationship with both houses (she met with Alaïa several times before his death, and wore custom Versace at the most recent Met Gala). Those designers not only offered up sex appeal in spades in their designs but also designed with women with curves in mind. We should also note that while Kardashian recently had a run of wearing several Thierry Mugler outfits from the era, none were originally worn by Campbell, even though she was a regular on his runway as well.

The pair have been spotted grabbing lunch together and posing together at parties before, and there's reason to believe that the fashion homages of late haven't lead to any bad blood. They still follow each other on Instagram, and eagle-eyed fans have noticed that Campbell liked a comment downplaying any drama.