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Saturday night's hailstorm couldn't thwart holiday revelers determined to squeeze the last drops of fun out of the weekend. While I was contently tucked into a party close to home, some of my more adventurous friends headed to Beatrice Inn, where they spotted Mary-Kate Olsen keeping warm in the arms of her latest paramour, hipster artiste Nate Lowman. She was wearing her signature gobs of jewelry while making out with him on a banquette.

For those who aren't familiar with Lowman, he's an NYU graduate whose work is currently on view at the New Museum's "Unmonumental" exhibition. He's 28, with pallid tortured-artist good looks and a penchant for flannel shirts.

Supposedly, it's not the first time the pair have hooked up.

Photos: Lowman on the cover of Me Magazine; Olsen by Tim Jenkins

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