Paris Hilton loves fiancée Chris Zylka so much, she wants to marry him again and again and again. And no, we don't mean once legally at the courthouse, and once at a party for friends and family, we mean multiple full-scale Hilton-Zylka weddings. “I feel like I want to do a couple [weddings]" she told Extra earlier this month. "For my 21st birthday, I had five parties, so maybe for the wedding I will have a European one, an American one, one for everyone around the world.” Hmm, perhaps one of them will be televised (or live-streamed?).

This is just another instance of Paris Hilton being a thought leader and an innovator for her generation. Think about how many issues are solved when you have multiple weddings! Best friend too busy or too far to fly to your destination on a particular weekend? Have another wedding closer to her, another time! In-laws don't get along? Have a wedding for his side of the family and another for hers. Can't pick between a DJ or a band? Just do one of each. Money isn't real and it's not like you have a job to get back to. Just keep. Doing. Weddings. And one for Kim Kardashian!, naturally.

Hilton also revealed recently that she plans to add her husband's last name to her own and use both. Paris Hilton Zylka does have a nice ring to it. Paris has been busy celebrating her engagement recently, including posting a cheeky picture to her Instagram from a 2015 photoshoot in which she's all tied up in string, and nothing else,with the caption,"Ready to #TieTheKnot ?."

In her engagement announcement, Hilton called Zylka "My best friend & soulmate. Perfect for me in every way. So dedicated, loyal, loving & kindhearted." If that's not a guy worth getting tied up for and married to multiple times, we don't know who is.

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