“She’s not doing interviews,” barked Rihanna’s bodyguard as “Work” blasted from the speakers.

It was a quarter to midnight on Wednesday night when the singer stepped inside Revolve’s launch of MadeWorn and Roc96’s limited edition capsule collection, a tribute to Jay Z and his 1996 debut Reasonable Doubt.

“Isn’t this supposed to end in like 10 minutes?” asked a passerby as he captured the moment on Snapchat. “Of course Riri shows up now.”

It was a tight squeeze inside Revolve Social Club, the three story pop-up space on Melrose Avenue, as she made her way to the top floor terrace and inside a closed off VIP section where Jasmine Sanders and Paris Hilton had held court.

“My boyfriend and her boyfriend are really good friends, so we double date and like to do things together,” Hilton said of Sanders. The two had walked in together with their respective beaus, Terrence J and Chris Zylka.

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“I don’t know what it is, but I just know that all the girls are ducking and dodging it,” Sanders had said earlier by the first floor entrance, where fake snow—in this case, tiny flakes of soap—filled the air as part of the “East Coast meets West” themed decor.

“I hope to get out of this area,” Hilton had chimed in. “I’m gonna need to have an umbrella to walk around.”

“Here, let me,” she said, as she suddenly began removing the foamy pieces from my hair. “There. And am I good?”

Hilton knows a thing or two about a foam party—that is, when it comes to her “foam and diamonds” DJ residency bash in Ibiza. “It’s my fifth year, every Sunday starting July 2nd until Burning Man. It’s the biggest party on the island. And Chris, my boyfriend, has never been there before, so I’m excited to show him the island and how magical it is.”

Tonight, she wasn’t expecting to be stay out. She had to be up early the next morning, she said, but she had to come support Jay Z: “I’ve known him since I was a teenage in New York.”

The night was truly an ode to the rapper, who was noticeably absent—no surprise there, considering Beyoncé (who was just confirmed as one of next year’s Coachella headliners) is due to give birth presumably any day now. His recognizable hits played throughout the night in rooms filled with imagery and quotes from Reasonable Doubt. The collection itself, military-inspired T-shirts, sweatshirts and bombers ($160 to $3,500) was full of snippets of lyrics from the album.

“I love it,” Sanders said of the display, eyeing a burgundy bomber. “The clothes are super dope. It’s my type of vibe with everything. I love wearing a really good bomber, and I’m the biggest fan of burgundy. That’s my favorite color, and I love anytime you can throw on patches, and it’s distressed like this. It’s definitely my vibe.”

Fans are able to shop the line, a collaboration between MadeWorn’s Blaine Halvorson and Roc96, created by Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder Kareem "Biggs" Burke and Emory "Vegas" Jones (Jay Z is a silent partner), online and in-store during the four-day L.A. pop-up starting June 1st via Revolve.

“They know how to throw a party,” said Sanders. “Every time I go to a Revolve event, I know it’s gonna be a dope setup.”

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