To paraphrase Britney Spears, Paris Jackson is not a girl, not yet a woman. By which we mean, she's not a teenager, but not of legal drinking age. She's 20, is what we're getting at. She just turned 20, actually, with a bash this weekend that included celebrity pals like Paris "same name, same game" Hilton. (Chris Brown was also there, but we prefer not to think of his continued presence in Hollywood.)

According to E! News, the party was Friday night "at sbe's HYDE Sunset in West Hollywood," where the birthday girl was surrounded by family and friends like her brother Prince Jackson, Paris Hilton's fiancé Chris Zylka, Ashlee Simpson Ross and her husband Evan Ross, son of Diana.

Paris Jackson—who has really been living up to her reputation as Hollywood's favorite party guest this week—wore a brightly-colored printed Missoni dress, white go-go boots (are we doing the 70's again?), rose-colored sunglasses that matched her current peach hair color, and glittery eye shadow because, hello, it's her birthday! The cake even featured a picture of her face. The event was, per E!, "a joint birthday party with her manager Tom Hamilton." It looks from Instagram like she gave him a watch for his birthday, so that's cute. The outlet also reports that "guests were served dishes such as fried chicken sliders, spicy curly fries, salmon and tuna tartare."

Noticeably absent? Cara Delevingne, Paris's very close friend she was even spotted kissing just a couple weeks ago. Delevingne might not have attended for any number of reasons, and we won't speculate, but we are primed for when they make their next joint appearance.