No one, it seems, has ever been more sure of their government-official commitment to each other than Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas, whose nuptials felt like they lasted nearly as long as their pre-marriage relationship itself. (The 36-year-old actress and 26-year-old singer first met at the Vanity Fair Oscars party in 2017, and began dating after Jonas sent Chopra a rather mediocre text asking her to "connect.")

But that, it turns out, was not 100 percent the case—at least for Chopra, who told Andy Cohen as much during her appearance on Watch What Happens Live on Thursday night. "I had a freak-out moment right before I walked down the aisle," she said, recalling how she almost got cold feet. "I was about 40 minutes late because I was just like, '75-foot train. Do I even know what I'm doing?' Full freak-out moment. But then the door opened and I saw his face." (Though Jonas, she added, ended up crying even more than she did when they went on to exchange vows.)

That presumably all took place on December 1, at the outset of festivities. (A semi-quick recap: After traditional pre-wedding celebrations like a Mehendi ceremony, the pair held both Christian and Hindu weddings at the lavish Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur, followed up by a third reception in Mumbai that took place nearly three weeks after the first.)

It's unclear as to when Chopra and Jonas finally got to open up their wedding gifts, but once they did, Chopra said, they discovered that Joe Jonas had given them "an amazing fridge which looks like a car," and that Kevin Jonas had given them "like, hundreds of bottles of wines" to fill it with.

And, seeing as no interview with anyone remotely within Meghan Markle's orbit can be complete without mention of the Duchess of Sussex, Cohen also asked Chopra to clear up whether or not she was actually mad at Markle, who's one of her close friends, for missing the wedding(s)—aka the theory that tabloids have concocted for why Chopra didn't attend Markle's baby shower in New York City last month. Chopra's response was to the point: "Oh, my God. No, it's not true," she told Cohen. (Though she seemed much happier to elaborate on another topic: her and Jonas's sexting and phone-sex habits.)


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