Rihanna on stage at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada, May 2016. Photo by Getty Images.

Bushnell, Candace
The original Sex and the City writer gets back into the New York dating scene — via Tinder.

Dylan, Bob
Celebrated his 75th birthday Tuesday; Taschen celebrated, too, offering a behind-the-scenes look at a few rare photos from Dylan's heyday excerpted from Bob Dylan: A Year and a Day.

It's been a busy year for the French-Japanese designer. First, a Jungle Book-themed Disney collaboration; now, the latest H&M capsule collection collaborator.

Media, Gawker
Currently embroiled in a much-publicized legal battle with one Hulk Hogan; on Tuesday, founder Nick Denton told the New York Times he had begun to suspect there may be something more behind the proceedings than Hogan's grievances alone. Now, fingers point to PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel as Hogan's mysterious benefactor.

Brooklyn-based musician and perennial outsider; finally about to break through with her upcoming record Puberty 2.

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Moss, Lottie
Kate Moss's little sister — and a rising supermodel in her own right — gets American representation with a new deal with The Society management. Siblings are in.

Rapper, Chance the
The New Yorker finally weighs in on Coloring Book, declaring Chance the Rapper the successor to a young Kanye. But after his verse on "Ultra Light Beams," we kind of already knew that.

Manolo, Puma, now Dior: Rihanna's developing a full arsenal of collaborations. Her most recent sunglasses contract with Dior has resulted in a line of futuristic shades purportedly inspired by Star Trek, but Rihanna proves they work just as well on as off the Starship Enterprise.

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