If you're going to publicly debut a new style tweak, no matter how slight, what better occasion than at New York Fashion Week? Selena Gomez, it seems, is quite hip to this notion. While she was spotted sporting brand-new, wispy bangs late last week by paparazzi, the singer didn't publicly debut her new hairstyle until Tuesday, while attending Coach's show at NYFW.

Gomez, who's an ambassador for and has designed a capsule collection of handbags with the brand, posed backstage in head-to-toe Coach (natch). The fit included a black-and-lavender maxi dress with a watercolor design and floral details, topped with a classic black leather jacket with red detailing around the zippers on the sides and sleeves. Gomez wore her newly waist-length hair—recently back, from a brief foray into platinum-lob territory, to its usual rich chestnut color—in soft waves, with her freshly cut bangs skimming her eyelashes and framing her face.


Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

According to Vogue, the "Wolves" singer was first seen sporting the mini-makeover late last week. On Wednesday, Gomez visited an IHOP restaurant in Los Angeles (and, curiously, left with one of their logo-emblazoned coffee mugs in hand) wearing a striped tee, black skirt, and—gasp!—those '70s-style, piece-y bangs. She pulled the rest of her hair back into a perfectly messy ponytail, making it easy to admire her new bangs, which reach down to her chin on either side and just barely cover her eyebrows at their shortest point.

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