Two years ago, Lorde posted an Instagram whose caption began in all caps: "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, I SAW THE BEST CONCERT OF MY LIFE LAST NIGHT AND IT WAS FLEETWOOD MAC." Accompanied by a photo of the stage from a respectable distance—definitely not a VIP spot backstage—she then continued to write nearly 300 words about how she went to the show in the pouring rain with her parents, taking care that she was wearing her "big green raincoat buttoned up to the chin and pulled tight" so no one would see her and she'd be protected from the cold, which she then instantly forgot because, as she put it, "STEVIE. how purely magical it was to see her in front of me, my crescent moon mother, in the flesh, all in black, her hair playing tricks with the light."

Stevie Nicks, the band's longtime frontwoman, on the other hand, was oblivious to the presence of her crescent moon daughter—much to her regret. This summer, after announcing that she'd be playing in Lorde's native Auckland in November, she lamented to the New Zealand site Stuff that Lorde "didn't let me know she was coming" to her 2015 show, essentially announcing she was now determined to make up for lost time with the equally witchy singer. "I found out after I left that Lorde and her Mom and Dad were there. I want her to know I hope she comes this time. Let me buy her Mom and Dad tickets and I can meet them all," she continued back in August.

Unfortunately, however, Nicks didn't get the opportunity; it looks like she underestimated the star power of Lorde, who's catapulted even further into fame since she released her debut album Pure Heroine at just 16. This time around, Lorde couldn't make it to Nicks's two shows because she was off in Australia on a tour of her own—something that Nicks, who's 69, and recently appeared on Lana Del Rey's latest album, once again lamented, this time publicly at one of her Auckland appearances, begging for their help to finally track down the singer.

"I actually don't know her, and I wish she was here. I was hoping I would get to cross paths with her. But I think she is so very talented. Like, if she had been my age, and lived our age, she probably would have been the third girl in Fleetwood Mac," she told the Lorde-less crowd. "So, if you run into her, please tell her that I'm looking for her," she continued before carrying on with the show and segueing into "Landslide," her 1975 classic, which she dedicated to Lorde, aka her "favorite artist."


Fortunately, someone in the crowd did do her bidding, capturing video of the moment and tweeting it at Lorde, who retweeted it with the quote about being in Fleetwood Mac, adding the sobbing emoji and "i could cry." Perhaps Nicks will hop over to Australia before she plays her next New Zealand show on Friday and skips town for Nebraska, but whether or not, rest assured: The pair is soon destined to meet. In January, Lorde is part of a lineup of artists, including Harry Styles, paying tribute to Fleetwood Mac at Radio City Music Hall, where Nicks, along with the rest of the band, will be performing—and where a long-awaited coven will no doubt also be forming backstage.

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