A 90-year-old Eileen Gray chair recently sold for $28.3 million(!), more than seven times the preauction estimate, at Christie's. Despite the recession, demand remains strongest for the best and most costly antique furniture. (NYT)

In other auction news, the right bid can win you a crocodile Hermes yo-yo on May 20. (DaddyTypes)

Graydon Carter looks like an Indian version of Anish Kapoor. See for yourself. (City File)

Williamsburg-residing gamine Annie Clark -- aka rock musician St. Vincent -- has recently popped up in The New York Times and VF Daily. Is it only a matter of minutes before this guitar prodigy-Audrey Tatou lookalike gets the Chan Marshall treatment and Karl Lagerfeld takes her under his wing? (VF Daily, NYT)

Kate Moss is writing her autobiography (Fashionologie)

Stella McCartney whipped up her controversial Met Gala jumpsuit hours before the party. (The Cut)

If you want to look rich, wear Cartier, Harry Winston and Graff. If you want to look smart, consider investing in some Dutch contemporary jewelery. (Economist)