Every month is the month of love, though of course in February, Saint Valentine sparks a real fire and energy toward passion. Wherever you find yourself in your love life this Valentine's Day, and this month, for that matter, don’t doubt why you’re there. Like many things in the night sky, love is always moving and traveling toward somewhere else. There is no full moon this month, only a new moon in Aquarius on February 15. Take this as an opportunity to set intentions about the big future ahead, not just this month or year. Imagine a lot more—as much as you can.

With you in the stars and on Earth,
The Astro Poets


Even when you’re with someone, you’re always looking for new and different kinds of love. It has less to do with not being satisfied and more to do with your infinite curiosity about what’s out there and how that may fit into your world. This month has everyone thinking about love, but we know that you, on the other hand, are always planning around it, so take a deep breath and forget about it for just a second. Take a weekend trip. Become obsessed with a long novel. That other four-letter obsession will be there for you whenever you want it. Your focus on it can sometimes dull your other passions. So in February, forget your aim to please and compromise and focus on you. That’s hard enough. If you’re truly the Aries we know you are, it’s a wild, wild ride that no psychedelic can even promise. And while you’re on it, don’t forget about your most loyal friends who are always keeping an eye on you but giving you your much loved freedom.


It’s in your nature to be incredibly giving—as well as glamorous and over-the-top. It’s one of the things that most intrigues people about you. Sure, you’re stubborn, but when someone close to you is about to enter a crisis, you sense it even before they do and are prepared to step up. This month, you may be needed in exactly this way for someone who you didn’t think was that close of a friend. Our advice is to show up for them regardless, as it will change something about the way you see yourself, too. It will teach you a new way to think about love, the forms of which are infinite, and it will be your great care and loyalty once again that teaches others about love. Of the entire zodiac, you can truly write the book on sticking it out with someone, despite immense hardships. Sometimes that tends to get you down when you think about how you’ve been taken advantage of. Let those feelings go. By your actions and example, you are manifesting the love that’s coming toward you right now. Yes, exactly right now.


You’re in for a month of surprises and new optimism, Gemini. Something has been bothering you in relation to your work and long-term career trajectory. What you need to know is that it won’t sort itself out immediately or to your liking right now. But by the end of the year, you’ll see some things—though not everything—turn around. Your least favorite thing, patience, is what you’ll need to study this month. And in that pursuit, you’ll be inspired to return to a project or a friendship or something you left behind long ago that brings you a lot of happiness. This will be a game-changer for you. It’s the love you’ll rediscover this February. Somewhere around mid-month, an Aries will come to your rescue right as you’re plunging toward despair, which hardly knows who you are as you have a knack for avoiding it by being inventive and wild. Remember that it’s important to surprise yourself. Go out and buy something orange. Take the long way home. Refuse to be called by the same name.

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The big full moon at the end of January will open several doors for you. They may not be comforting ones at first. One will have to do with family and a drama that has been playing out between you and a family member for some time, and the other has everything to do with you and your life’s passion. You may be feeling stuck, or like things aren’t exactly where you thought they would be. Your longest friendships will save you this month and teach you something new about both passion and love. Often, you’re used to being the one to run after your friends, for better or worse. But they remember all the times you’ve done so and are sensing your turmoil. If you feel moved to, write down three intentions having to do with love—not necessarily romantic love, although that, too—and when you’re done, bury them near a tree close to where you live but far enough that you won’t see it every day. One of them will manifest in May, and the other may begin to happen close to your birthday. Remember that your strength is in your own empathy.


You have a lot of hopes and aspirations when it comes to love right now. Your spirit is tilting toward the sun. You’ll continue to feel this way throughout this month, although if we had to give you some advice, it would be to really help a friend who’s struggling. You know the one. Although you practically wrote Neil Young’s "Heart of Gold," sometimes you forget to show those around you that you’re constantly thinking about them and looking out for their well-being. This has to do with your ego. But your ego, as famous as it is, is not really you. In your success, you’re generous. In your struggle, you’re generous too. You absolutely understand the human heart. Don’t forget that, Leo. You’re the life of the party because you infuse life into everyone around you. Be more obvious about it this month. Even be cliché in how you show your love. It’s to everyone’s benefit.


What if we told you that there’s a love in the past you may return to? Maybe not exactly what you want to hear, but things are swirling in that direction. Of course, you’ll try to exert control one way or the other, but don’t panic. Your devotion to compassion will point you in the right direction. This February, truly listen to your instincts when it comes to matters of love. The past is not always a dead end. It can be active, and activating. Time truly is happening all at once. And on that note, set aside some of it this month to be alone and pursue one of your creative passions. Whether it’s been work, logistics, or just all of life getting in the way, don’t delay any further. Give yourself what you want. You may also be near the finish line of a household project or something relating to your home life. Everything you’re building will soon be solid and complete. It’s the truth.


To you, love can seem like an old Hollywood movie or a stanza out of the most romantic love poem ever written. Your ruler, Venus, is always driving your heart to expect all the trappings of traditional romance, like butterflies, holding hands, and lifelong partnerships. But the other side of your personality, your deeply rational and calculating side, sees that love also tends to get you everything you want and need in life, like someone’s undivided time, attention, and resources. Whatever it is that drives you this month, love will be a focus of your attention, as you sink into a love affair that has been growing and is now here to stay. If you’re in a relationship, you’ll see you and your partner building toward a stable future. If you have a crush (and of course you do) now is the time to make a move and try to revise your status with them as more than just a fleeting thing. And if there’s absolutely no one who interests you (why don’t we believe you?), then take this time to make a list of the characteristics of a person who would. Perhaps you can will them into being. Of course you can, you’re a Libra; with a little wink, you can make anyone do anything.


This month looks very good for you in terms of love. Chances are you’re in a long-term relationship and have a few people you’re juggling in terms of your romantic thoughts and feelings. (I mean, you’re a Scorpio, right?) You may even be getting extremely serious with someone and making a move toward long-term commitment. If you are in a relationship, your critical eye will soften a bit this month and you will see many good things about your partner to praise, especially if it involves you praising them publicly. But all of this aside, let’s get real here. We know there is someone else who holds your heart. A person who occupies your every waking thought. They are from the past––the more deep in the past, the better. And we are certain that they aren’t going to leave your mind for long, no matter how hard you try. If you feel you cannot come clean to anyone about them, then use this romantic month to bless them with song. Write them a poem or a love letter, even if you never show it to anyone. You may hold duty and obligation as virtues to uphold, but the heart doesn’t need to behave in these manners. Be true to that beating thing—its wild and restless knowledge.


Love. For you, even the mere mention of the word itself recalls that strange bird you hear early in the morning, but never see. You know what it is, and you know you’ve felt it close to a million times, for at least a second. It’s that simple, ineffable, magical force that makes you do just about anything. We know you’ve been there—isn’t it you who has taken a last-minute flight to meet the person of your dreams, only to then enjoy the travel more than the actual destination and situation? You’ve been there and you’ll be there again this February. If you’re single and willing to let your guard down a little, this month will bring you love both in the form of two or three trysts and perhaps a prolonged crush on someone not that great for you. Toward the end of the month, a person you know well will come into view as someone you might want to seriously pursue, so trust your instincts. This really could be a good thing. If you are in a committed relationship, you will be drawn to notice the most quirky parts of your partner with a new sort of tenderness, and this will fill you with renewed interest and passion. But most importantly of all, you should engage in self-love and self-care this month. After all, the old adage rings true—you can’t really love anyone until you love yourself. Put this cliché into practice.


When people think of you, they often think about work. It’s true that you do love both the idea and practice of working more than other signs. It’s a pure endeavor, as you feel that if you put in effort, you’ll get effort out, which is a comforting way to view life as it gives us purpose. The trouble comes when you put this lens on love, as matters of the heart don’t always work out this way. Sometimes the effort we put into a relationship doesn’t always match what we get out of it, and investing time seems like a waste. This month, however, we urge you to forget these thoughts, at least for a time, because a loud and passionate affair (read: sex) is coming your way toward mid-month and you had better be ready for it. It may not be completely long-lasting, but it will be exciting, dramatic, and warm—all qualities you appreciate when it comes to love. And if you are in a relationship right now, this doesn’t have to mean you are going to cheat on your partner—it may just mean that things will get extra hot and heavy around Valentine’s Day. Is it February yet? Start drinking some sports drinks now to prepare for what’s coming your way. Things are going to get very real.


Happy birthday! Well, it’s no surprise that the month of love is heavily into Aquarius season. Because despite your reputation for being cerebral and aloof (well, these things are true, right?), you can be extremely romantic. You are a fixed sign and although it can be hard for you to engage fully in new relationships or in casual encounters, once you’re in, you’re solidly in—for a very long time. And when you’re truly in love with someone, you do not hold out any stops; you will be the most kind, tender, and sweep-you-off-your-feet kind of person, showering your love with gifts and attention. This month will give you lots of opportunities to do just that, as a person who has held a long-term crush on you will finally get the nerve up to tell you so. The problem is that while you will feel warmly toward anyone who is basically in love with you (I mean, who wouldn’t?), there is no guarantee you will feel the same way. You will need to be a little open, as it could turn out very interesting, at least until Pisces season rolls around. Whatever the case, use your birthday month to celebrate life. There will be plenty of time to let your moods overcome you another time, so this month, let your heart sing out and let your overwhelming mood be a purely happy one.


This February, things are finally taking shape in your work situation and you are starting to feel like you might have the space to really be present again in your love life. This is not to say that you’ve been in a solitary situation all these months, but more that you have been keeping your full attention toward your romantic life a bit on the back burner in order to attend to more pressing, practical concerns. Plus, you spent a good part of last year taking care of a few friends in need and couldn’t completely give yourself over to being in love. But now is the time to turn the tide and crown this month the Love Month. For at least the first week of February, try to devote some time each day to asking yourself what you want out of your love life and then think of some ways to make it happen. Also, you’ll be drawn to the outdoors a lot, so ask a new crush or an old flame out for a long walk. Sink in the air and atmosphere. Be in love with the world. So many people will be in love with you as the spring begins to turn—but then again, who isn’t always in love with you?

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