Inside the What Goes Around Comes Around East Hampton store

Inside the What Goes Around Comes Around East Hampton store.

Forget stocking your Hamptons home with inflatable swans and champagne this summer (well, maybe don’t forget the champagne), luxury vintage mecca What Goes Around Comes Around has summer’s true essentials. Co-founders Seth Weisser and Gerard Maoine have just opened a Céline, Hermès, and Louis Vuitton-filled outpost on East Hampton’s Main Street. “It’s almost like a modern salon in a sense,” says Maoine, noting coveted goods like Chanel beach bags, Missoni knits, and collectable Levi’s in stock. “We really looked at the Hamptons customer, what we believe are the needs, and whether it’s the choice of bags or the beautiful Hermès cover ups, every single piece is perfectly edited.” Of course, the store doesn’t just play to beach culture: Weisser also has an immense collection of rare Hermès bags (everything from minis to an impressive red ostrich Birkin) and a hefty stash of Chanel—which can be dressed down with vintage T-shirts. “Our Chanel collection out there is insane—truly insane,” he says. “I think we probably have 60 or 70 bags, and the jewelry, maybe 100 pieces of Chanel vintage jewelry, and there’s probably about 50 to 60 incredibly picked Chanel garments, too.” For the true Chanel connoisseur (and vintage high roller), a six-and-a-half foot tall golden No. 5 perfume bottle greets customers at the door. “We’re taking offers,” said Maoine with a laugh. “But it’s extremely expensive.”

What Goes Around Comes Around, 48 Main St, East Hampton; 631.324.0874.