Whose idea was it to write a book?
It was actually two people. Diane von Furstenberg [who wrote the book's foreward] invited me over for lunch and said that she thought it was time that I did my own thing, because I've always worked for other people and she wanted to see what kind of creativity I had inside of me. Another friend of mine just said, "I think you should write a book."

Did you know that you wanted it to be a how-to kind of thing?
I wanted it to be very commercial. I wanted it to be a manual. I wanted it to be soft cover at a very accessible price point. I always knew that I wanted to sell it in Urban Outfitters and Anthropology and not just Barneys or Bergdorf's book department. I didn't want it to be a precious book—I have so many beautiful coffee table books and I can't say that I ever read.

Do you have a favorite designer right now?
I really love Thakoon, I really love Proenza, I really, really love Phillip Lim. I've always been interested in young designers and watching them grow.

Are they on your fashion week agenda? And which other shows are you planning on?
Definitely. I am going to my first Alexander Wang show and I am really excited about it. I love DVF. I am going to Michael Kors, and Rag & Bone.

Is there a current trend that you kind of wish would go away?
I feel like the same proportions have been around for a while—in everyday life, not in fashion life. The loose baggy blouse with skinny jeans and ballet flats, I wear that all the time but I'm kind of ready for a new proportion.

You were a muse and creative director at Tuleh. What do you think about the term and title "muse"?
People propose me to kind of work as muse for other people and it just hasn't ever really worked since [Tuleh] and I haven't ever really wanted to do it because it's so much about the relationship between two people. You can't tell someone you don't like something unless you really love them. It is very hard to criticize someone that you don't love. To inspire them they have to trust you, so it really is really trusting each other and loving each other as people—and you can't force that.

What about someone like Nicole Richie?
I think Nicole Richie is a really good example of someone who hugely benefited from a celebrity stylist because clearly she didn't have style before she met Rachel Zoe. Now that she doesn't work with Rachel Zoe I don't know if she works with any stylist at all, but I think her style is more herself.

Photos: Steve Eichner.