24-year-old model Andreea Diaconu is known for her playful Instagram account (@AndreeaDiddy) and classic, beachy beauty. Here, the W model (and face of Donna Karan’s new Liquid Cashmere Black & White) shares the hair, health, and skincare products that she can’t live without.

Your look in three words:
Fresh outta ocean.

Five-minute routine:
Salt hairspray, moisturizer, and 10 jumping jacks.

Never leave the house without:
Sunscreen and lip tint that I use as blush if I’m having an off day.

Beauty from the inside out:
Loving and laughing, A LOT.

Exercise regime:
Andrea Mitchell at Pilates/Modelfit once a month, surf whenever there are waves and I bike everywhere in the city.

Cleanse or not:
Never! Maybe cut sugar every other month for a few days.

Beauty essentials:
Jason Sunscreen, any oil that can be applied for hair and face.

Skincare secret:
Tracie Martin and Rahua.

Hair remedy:
I give myself trims every few months. I also use beard products for my hair (they smell better).

In-tub must-read:
Miller, Borges, Sontag, Mircea Eliade, Romanian Poetry or Russian Plays.

Spa-cation at:
Any Aman Hotel or the Grand Hotel in Stockholm, because it feels like heaven. Or my acupuncturist Paul in the city, and most Chinatown/6th Avenue 45 minute massages for 15 bucks.

Fragrance of choice:
Donna Karan Cashmere Mist... Duh.

Best advice from the pros:
No eyebrow plucking.

Beauty icons:
Nico, Debbie Harry, and Carolyn Murphy.