Was this a fun experience?
Yes, and I got to taste a lot of cakes. They already have quite a few orders. Maybe it will turn into a nightmare though, because the cakes take so long to make. Each of the 50 [edible] pearls need to be set by hand with tweezers.

Do you cook?
Sometimes. Only complicated recipes. I don’t find it interesting if it’s too easy—I like to try out new things.

Do you bake?
I never make deserts, but I eat them. I'm addicted to vacherin (meringue with fruit and whipped cream). In my grandmother’s village, Saint Bonnet de Joux, in Burgundy, I still can order it at the local pastry shop. It’s the real thing.

Did your grandmother teach you how to cook?
No, but she was a marvelous cook. And she has a hunting ground, so she was alwys cooking big meals for hunters.

Do you hunt yourself?
No, I don’t have enough time. When I was younger, I would collect the game feathers and make dresses with them.

Will you accept other collaborations like this in the future?
I have one planned with Veuve Cliquot for next Halloween, for the US. But I don’t intend to do that many. I have other things to do, and I’m not a grocery store.

Photo: WWD