What are your earliest memories of CG?
I used to go through the makeup aisles in grocery and drug stores to check and see who the newest Cover Girl was! And in magazines, I would see all the ads and I always thought it would be such a girly, feminine company to be a part of. All the models seemed really different from each other which I thought was really cool. I also loved trying out different things too, it's still my go-to place when I walk into a store.

Do you have any makeup icons that you look to for inspiration (film, art, friends, family)?
My grandmother always had a lot of pretty makeup containers and little jars that I just loved playing with as a little kid. I took after her in a lot of ways--she was very girly and I always played with her dresses.

What has been your biggest makeup mistake that you've learned from?
I used to draw on freckles or beauty marks with eyeliner. I was experimenting with new things. They were new things all right! Just not good things!

Would you ever change up your look by cutting your hair?
I have considered cutting my hair, but I always wimp out at the last minute. I figure I can pin it up and make it short again, but I can't go short and make it long.