In a new video short, W’s September issue cover star Gigi Hadid talks about her strenuous pre-runway workout routine. Not. (You think she runs on a treadmill in Alexander McQueen finery? Think again.) “I think it’s very rare that we can connect comedy with fashion,” Hadid says, following the shoot. “I think everyone in fashion is really going to like this video.”

All kidding aside, the joke speaks to the bombshell’s major success in ad campaigns, editorials, and Instagram posts—but minimal presence on the runway. She laughs: “When I came in today, I was told that I was doing a runway tutorial—which I was like, ‘OK, I am literally the last person in the world who should be giving a runway tutorial.’ When I heard that it was going to be funny, that’s what made me so excited. If I’m in a show it’s usually like because they need to fill out the clothes, or because I fit the theme of the show.”

Watch Hadid’s workout parody here: