With his lavish 2009 melodrama I Am Love, Luca Guadagnino created the ultimate fashion film. Now the Italian director has started Frenesy, a production company aiming to do more of the same—albeit on a smaller scale. Over the past few years, he has made shorts for Cartier Sergio Rossi, Ferragamo, Fendi, Tod’s, and Delfina Delettrez—the latter directed by the American animator PES, whose minute-plus stop-motion film, Fresh Guacamole, was nominated for an Oscar this year. “Fashion films can be so much more than just moving look books,” Guadagnino says, crediting a Krizia-sporting aunt with his love for high style. But all this is not to say that Guadagnino has forsaken features: This month he begins shooting Body Art, based on Don DeLillo’s The Body Artist: A Novel, starring Isabelle Huppert and Sigourney Weaver, with costumes by Raf Simons for Dior. He’s also in talks with Grace Coddington to bring her dishy memoir to the big screen.

From top, two stills from Guadagnino's shorts for Cartier.