Maybe it was the rain, maybe it was the lack of a clear sartorial trend, but we were not bowled over by the fashion at the Globes this year. When it comes to beauty looks, however, we've got plenty to say. Here are our six favorites, as well as some suggestions for next time.

Now for the bad news. We are officially over:

1. Side hair dos: They are juvenile and make you look lopsided. Just say no. And sticking a bejeweled clip in doesn't make it okay.

2. Shiny faces: We know the Marie Antoinette look isn't in style but a little powder goes a long way on an overly shiny face.

3. Too-tight hair: It's tricky to get it just right—if hair is pinned up too loosely, you risk looking like you're showing up for gym class. But frankly, we're a little worried about styles done so tightly they're sure to cause migraines. Even if your movie won.