Your first show ever was Chanel couture—what was that like?
It was the most exciting moment of my career. I watched fashion TV so I remember seeing all these big models and thinking, like, "I can't believe Natasha Poly is standing behind me in line!"

What was it like first meeting Karl Lagerfeld?
I was scared of him! I think a lot of people are scared of him, actually.

Now you work with him regularly, how has your relationship changed?
I don't think I've ever really spoken to him—I'm still scared of him! I'm so shy. But every time I get confirmed there, it's still a big thing. If they ever said to me, "Eniko, we want you to do our show, but you can't do any other shows," I would be like, "Ok!"

We've heard your most prized possession is a teddy bear—
Yeah, Bubu! I got it from one of my ex-boyfriends and I started taking him with me everywhere. If I sleep without him I just wake up in the middle of the night and my hand is searching for him. He's really dirty now, but I just love my little guy.

We've also heard you love cartoons; which do you watch the most?
I just moved to a new place, so I don't have my cable hooked up, so all I watch is Nickelodeon and Disney Channel. I like South Park and Family Guy, but Spongebob is absolutely my favorite. I'm also a big fan of Hannah Montana.

Do you like Miley Cyrus?
Not Miley, just Hannah Montana.

You're known for working in more avant-garde publications; is there any magazine that you are dying to be shot for?
American Vogue would be amazing. I know I'm not that type of commercial girl and unfortunately, I don't have the million-dollar smile, but I think Anna Wintour should try me out.

Tell us about the steamy Terry Richardson Pirelli calendar that recently came out.
It sounds a bit bad, but we kind of were running around naked the whole time. We were all pretty much free to do whatever we want, and Terry took pictures.

Is it true that you're interested in starting your own restaurant back home?
Yes! I love food, and I figure there is no American type of a restaurant like a pastry shop or a bakery where you can buy a bagel or get a salad in Hungary. I think it would be great because come on, everyone loves to grab a bagel here, so why wouldn't they love it over there?

What are your favorite foods?
Hungarian food is my favorite. I love Italian food and sushi, but I still think goulash is tastiest thing.

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