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Clearly COPPER, Ayurvedic 100% Copper Tongue Scraper


Product Info

Isabella's Clearly COPPER Ayurvedic tongue scraper is made from pure heavy duty copper that is built to last. Precisely designed for comfort and ease of use, it is flexible, anti-gagging and easy to grip to make tongue cleaning a joyful experience. Tongue scraping is an ancient method that removes coatings from the tongue for oral, spiritual, and digestive health benefits including fresh breath, improved taste sensation and improved self confidence. Copper is the most effective type of tongue scraper because of its natural qualities and ability to gently clean the tongue, reduce the growth of plaque, and boost the effectiveness of scraping. Precisely designed to clean the whole tongue, flexible, non-gagging, ergonomic and is just the right size and comfort for adults and older children. Eliminates bad breath by removing the coatings on the tongue and slowing down the growth of plaque. Lasts a lifetime - you never have to buy another tongue cleaner. Simply clean with warm water after each use and with lemon every once in a while to restore polish and shine. Not only is tongue scraping great for bad breath, but it also improves taste sensation, slows down the growth of plaque and is beneficial for overall oral, spiritual, and digestive health. DIRECTIONS: Hold the edges of the tongue scraper tightly and gently scrape your tongue from back to front several times. To clean your tongue scraper, rinse with warm water after each use.

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