Not even five minutes into my viewing of Amy Zerner's unique zodiac-themed jewelry collection, I was calling my parents asking for my exact birth time so I could have my astrological chart read, and the lovely Zerner was encouraging me to direct questions to the tarot deck she had fanned out in front of her.


That this was unusual practice for a market appointment is an understatement--equally unusual, in a wonderful way, is her collection of gold jewelry: a series of worn-looking gold amulets with astrological images on one side and meaningful words on the reverse; delicate Hamsas, or magic eyes, pavéd with stones; and star pendants with delicate hanging moons. Fittingly, each has a very particular meaning--the moon, for example, "Is the ruler of our senses, controlling emotions and dictating feelings," according to Zerner.


The new collection has already garnered droves of fans--Agynes Deyn wears one of the astrological amulets--and is for sale at Bergdorf Goodman. "Her collection is really blessed," says Zerner's husband, author and psychic Monte Farber, who ushered me to his computer for my reading (to say the least, it was mind-blowing). And while a session with Farber will cost you more than most of Zerner's pieces, might I recommend splurging on the "set" for the holidays?

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