If you were in town (read: not at Cannes) and in the mood to dance, you were likely on West 30th on Saturday night. Apparatus co-founders Jeremy Anderson and Gabriel Hendifar opened their massive workspace studio for ACT II/ Werkstatte Disco, an annual bash of the disco-dance-orama variety.

The studio itself if massive and boasts exquisite design details, as you'd expect from what has quickly become Mahattan's most popular lighting venue for chic homewares. Among the most standout details: a hand-painted 1200 square foot carpet; an 8-foot-high marble urn fashioned in Italy; and sky-high ceilings, to name a few. Of course, there were additional flourishes for the occasion: kalalilies; a fleet of variously-sized disco balls; a brass-skinned stage where Joey Arias performed; and, quite chicly, a custom scent wafting through the space. (Cinnamon Projects was commissioned to create the perfume, titled Lacquered and intended to smell like the inside of a lacquered box.)

The crowd was of the queer-chic variety. Amanda Lepore held court by the stage. Boy George wandered around. King of the red soles, Christian Louboutin, also circulated, no doubt mingling amongst several party-goers wearing shoes of his design.

“We contemplated turning the AC on, but it’s always good to be a little sweaty, to have that dewy look. It’s a natural highlighter,” Hendifar said, wearing Dries van Noten Women's Spring 2017 for the occasion. “The political climate is so fucked right now. This is an exuberant form of escapism. The design world is a little bit sleepy when it comes to this type of stuff. I came from the fashion world and I felt the world of interiors was missing a little bit of this glamour and we have an opportunity to inject a dose of it here,” he continued as the bass thumped behind him. “It’s a little fun and a little dirty. We want to have fun and the girls to dress like boys and the boys to dress like girls. And the girls and boys to dance.” And dance they did.

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