Once Upon A Time In Hollywood star Brad Pitt is back and out of his blue period. Following the initiation of his drawn-out divorce proceedings from Angelina Jolie, the hunk of a lifetime is doing better than ever, according to a new cover feature in People, thanks to his focus on his family and a healthy lifestyle.

“It’s been a whole lifestyle change. And he looks amazing,” says the article's source, adding that the star has made improvements to his diet and “really takes his workouts seriously." The results are on full display in the new Tarantino film, which finds Pitt shirtless on a rooftop. Later, his character politely declines the advances of an underage Manson girl, preferring the company of his well-trained dog.

In real life, Pitt's a devoted family man. “Despite having help, Brad is a hands-on dad,” says an "industry insider" who is definitely not the star's publicist. “He comes from a close family, and he has continued to be a parent who is interested in the lives of his children.” Thanks to his fitness regimen, career success and family life, Pitt has “really found his happiness again,” says the source. “He is back and very excited about life. And it’s well-deserved.” Apparently pottery nights with Leonardo DiCaprio was only part of the story.

Of course it is! Brad Pitt, secretly the wokest white guy in Hollywood, deserves every inch of happiness the spotlight can provide. And it looks like the hits will keep on coming. His next project is astronaut adventure Ad Astra, followed by a sequel to World War Z, the post-apocalyptic zombie thriller that you may forget grossed over half a billion dollars.

His ex Jolie, meanwhile, also stars in an upcoming sequel, Maleficent: Mistress of Evil. And their oldest son, Maddox, will soon enroll in college in South Korea.

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