Buccellati Lunch

TK Wonder, Lucrezia Buccellati, and Cipriana Quann at the Buccellati and W Magazine lunch celebrating the launch of the Opera Color collection. Photo by BFA.

“We skipped straight over spring and went right into summer,” musician-slash-model TK Quann said, the sun beaming through the wide windows of Buccellati’s five-story showroom on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. It was the last Super Tuesday, the night after the CFDA Fashion Awards, but the warm weather was the only thing on anyone’s minds — that, and the travel plans that summer would finally allow. Quann, who attended Tuesday’s lunch celebrating the launch of fine jeweler Buccellati’s Opera Color collection with her twin sister Cipriana, had spent the previous day dashing around the city running errands. After lunch, she would set off for Italy with Armani (and her sister), jump-starting a jet set summer that would take her from Romania to Spain.

She wasn’t the only one — host Lucrezia Buccellati would catch a red-eye to Paris later in the day to debut the same collection on French shores Wednesday. Then to Capri — “Apparently everybody’s going to Capri,” she said.

It’s a good thing, then, that the Opera Color collection was designed for ease; based on a line of silver jewelry - “more of a summer, vacation-type of jewelry” - released five years ago that caught on among Buccellati’s younger clients, Opera Color is intended to be wearable. And many of the young attendees of the lunch like blogger Pari Ehsan and candymaker Maayan Zilberman wore strands of Buccellati draped around their necks and dangling from their ears.

Latecomer Caroline Vreeland strolled in just as attendees began to sit for lunch. At the end of the month, she said, she’d head off to the Bahamas with a friend, a swimwear designer, who planned to shoot a new campaign at Harbor Island.

“I have the job of model-oiler,” she said before taking her seat next to the Quanns. It was fortuitous that Buccellati chose to debut its collection over lunch — strawberry panna cottas and beet salads, a risky endeavor, considering how many of the women wore white — it seemed, for, as lunch drew to a close, many of the girls headed towards the Public School presentation before setting off on their travels.

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