Calvin Klein Fall 2016 Presentation

Sarah Snyder at the Calvin Klein fall 2016 presentation.

Dior, Christian
Installs a flagship store in Cannes, France to coincide with the Cannes Film Festival. That's one way to make up for not having a creative director.

Film Festival, Cannes
Dior was just one of the myriad big names on the red carpet for the opening ceremony of the annual Cannes Film Festival. It's only been open for business for a day, and director Woody Allen, whose new film Café Society screened opening night, has already been drawing headlines. Everyone's talking about his son Ronan's Hollywood Reporter essay, which examines how the media covered the allegations of sexual abused levied at the director (including by his sister, Dylan Farrow) — and resulted in the publication being uninvited from a lunch with Allen.

Formichetti, Nicola
Creative director of Diesel, former Lady Gaga stylist, newly minted fashion mag editor.

Heels, High
Mary Karr makes an argument against the stiletto. Now, if only she could get Victoria Beckham behind her.

Tests the limits of its dedicated users with a design overhaul. Apparently the upcoming changes to its feed — no longer chronological — weren't quite enough.

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Klein, Calvin
An already-controversial campaign gets... Even more so. A few of the latest Spring 2016 images have been decried (in the comments section, naturally) for reinforcing gender roles and exploiting young women. But they're still racking up those Instagram likes.

Maison, Hermès
The interior design arm of the French fashion empire, which touched down in New York Tuesday night for its first major show in the city. There was furniture, sure, but there was also taxidermied wildlife and a master of ceremonies with a pig's nose.

Moss, Kate
Continues to be the most in-demand face around, signing her first-ever skincare contract with Japanese brand Decorte. W caught up with her in Canada, where she revealed a few of her favorite things.

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