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Alicia Vikander in Ex Machina, Testament of Youth, The Man From U.N.C.L.E., and The Danish Girl “I was on a long-haul flight at night, and as I went down the aisle to the bathroom, I counted at least 14 screens that had Ex Machina on. I was walking past myself playing Ava, the android. I was tempted to go to the front of the cabin and look over my shoulder to the people watching her. I thought it would shock them to find Ava on their plane. There might have been screams.” Louis Vuitton vest. Styled by Sarah M Richardson. Hair by Martin Cullen for Bumble and bumble at Streeters; makeup by Mary Greenwell for Chanel at Premier Hair and Make-up.

Photographer: Peter Lindbergh
Stylist: Edward Enninful

The film Tulip Fever has quite the intriguing cast. There's Cara Delevingne and her Valerian co-star Dane DeHaan(, while Oscar winner Alicia Vikander stars, joining other winners like Christoph Waltz and Judi Dench. Comedian Zach Galifianakis is in the mix. A handful of buzzy up-and-comers like Jack O'Connell, Holliday Grainger, and Cressida Bonas round out the cast. Oh, and Glee's Matthew Morrison is also involved (incidentally playing a role that was once offered to Harry Styles).

Yet, it's taking a long, bumpy ride to actually get to screens. The latest hiccup? Its trailer might be too sexy for television.

According to a little Page Six item, Fox thought a 30-second ad for the film, which featured shots from a steamy love scene involving Vikander and DeHaan, was "too racy" to broadcast, despite the fact that the MPAA had approved the footage.

Though, the full length trailer for the costume drama premiered months ago and contains lots and lots and lots of shots of Vikander and DeHann in the throes of staged passion, and none of it seems particularly obscene for the network that airs Family Guy.

The Fox pushback is a minor problem for the film, all things considered. Being branded "too hot for TV" might even help its sales. to be honest.

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Based on Deborah Moggach's novel about an affair between an artist and a rich man's young wife, the film was originally kicked about way back in 2004. In fact, Jude Law and Keira Knightley were even attached, but changes in British tax rules concerning film dashed production.

This version was announced back in 2013, with Vikander and director Justin Chadwick already on born (though, originally the painter role was filled by another actor). DeHaan eventually came onboard. Harry Styles turned down a part. Eventually cameras started rolling. Preview footage premiered at Cannes two years ago. An original release date of July 15, 2016 came and went, and eventually the movie was pushed to February of this year... then this month... and now, as of about 24 hours ago, it's officially been slotted for a Labor Day Weekend release date of September 1.

Though, none of that can take away the fact the film contains some apparently very steamy scenes between Vikander and DeHaan. Nor can it take away the fact that includes Judi Dench playing the part of a sassy nun.

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