It's been 20 years since the release of Eyes Wide Shut, and it took that long for the truth to come out about one pivotal scene. Cate Blanchett played a crucial role in it, unbeknownst until now. In fact, Blanchett still isn't listed on IMDB for her contribution, even though she provided her voice for the orgy scene.

Apparently, when Tom Cruise and Abigail Good encounter each other in the scene, it's not Good's voice; it's Cate Blanchett's. Since Good had a British accent, Blanchett stepped in to do an American one. By the way, Blanchett is not American. She was born in Australia but has perfected the common tongue here.

“Stanley died before the dubbing was done,” Good told Vulture in an oral history of the film, referring to director Stanley Kubrick. “And I always wondered before the film came out whether they were going to dub me, because I didn’t have an American accent.”

So Blanchett came to the rescue — according to Kubrick's assistant, Leon Vitali, who said, “It was Cate Blanchett! That was her voice. We wanted something warm and sensual but that at the same time could be a part of a ritual. Stanley had talked about finding this voice and this quality that we needed. After he’d died, I was looking for someone. It was actually Tom and Nicole who came up with the idea of Cate. She was in England at the time, so she came into Pinewood and recorded the lines.”

Blanchett has yet to comment on saving the orgy scene, or her involvement in the film at all. But Blanchett was fortunate to only have to provide vocals for that scene instead of commit the way the other actresses had to. Per the oral history, it took a lot of work to help everyone slip into character in the secret society. "We did a lot of work with [the models], doing yoga to get them a little more flexible, spending a lot of time getting them to do things in perfect unison, which was a challenge," choreographer Yolande Snaith said. "And that was because Stanley wanted this very particular body type, a sort of Barbie-doll type. At the time I found it somewhat frustrating, ’cause I, as a woman, have a very different view of women. But that was part of the whole psychology of [the scene]. There was one woman, Abigail, who ended up having this larger role. She hadn’t trained as a dancer, but she was a natural mover." And the rest is, well, history revisited.