Star Wars may have been the most-talked about space fantasy of the year, but Star Trek could have that honor next year. That's in part thanks to Dakota Fanning's new film Please Stand By, where the actress plays an austistic super fan who pens a script inspired by the franchise. In the first look at the film, the trailer which arrived today, Fanning spends much of it determined on entering her script into a Star Trek scriptwriting competition. For her character Wendy, that means leaving her highly regimented life, family, and job at Cinnabon behind and heading to Los Angeles. It's not without plenty of twists though — Wendy is pursued throughout by her caregiver played by Toni Collette.

"Do you know how hard it is to write something because the story you want to tell means so much to you?" Fanning angrily asks in the trailer, before later narrating "The unknown is there for us to conquer not to fear."

Earlier this year, Fanning opened up about how she chooses roles, telling W, "I've never really thought about whether I'm going to play a darker character or a lighter character. It just has been what it is. I think that I have always had to let go of caring what other people expect from me or caring what other people think that I can do because inevitably there are preconceived notions of who I am and what I'm capable of because I started out so young, which I think is unfair, of course, but I've let that go. I've let that go because I think that that would just drive me crazy and make me make choices for the wrong reasons, make choices to prove something, when in reality I don't have anything to prove you know."

She also talked about growing up in the spotlight, saying, "I've always felt like I was expected to be mature and wise beyond my years like an old soul, which people would say about me. It's a compliment, but I didn't have to try to be those things, you know. I never tried to be those things. Some days I am an old soul and some days I'm not."

Please Stand By arrives in theaters, on Amazon Video, and on iTunes January 26, 2018.