Goals is a word that gets thrown around all too often these days but, when talking about Diane Von Furstenberg and Gloria Steinem, it's not a hyperbole. The feminists' friendship is one that many wish they could be a part of and, yesterday, that became possible for a moment when the pair attended the MAKERS Women’s Conference together and documented it on social media.

Diane Von Furstenberg, who honored Gloria Steinem with a lifetime achievement award in 2014, posted a photo of them together on Twitter from the event, wearing coordinating ensembles. Appropriately, both women drew inspiration from the '70s, wearing practical and powerful form-fitting black layers topped off with three feminine ingredients: oversized, almost tribal jewelry, a fabulous statement coat, and fuss-free, natural-texture hair. It’s a look that both of these trailblazers basically invented, that still looks just as modern today. (See the runways of Gucci, Prada, and Chloé for proof.)

You can hear and watch Diane Von Furstenberg and Gloria Steinem speak at MAKERS conference, visit makers.com/conference.

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