Paris Provocateurs

Clothes Encounter From left: Vetements designer Demna Gvasalia, with stylist Lotta Volkova and DJ Clara 3000, at a friend’s apartment in Paris. Volkova wears Vetements parka. DJ Clara 3000 wears Vetements jacket.

It's not real till it's dictionary-defined.

Balenciaga Just weeks after his womenswear debut, Demna Gvasalia reveals plans for the label's first menswear runway show in June — just as everyone else in the industry is collapsing their menswear and womenswear lines into one.

Basel, Art
Just announced its film programming lineup. The clear highlight: 93-year-old Jonas Mekas's return home to Lithuania, which he escaped at 22.

Clemente, Alba
Costume and set designer, wife of famed painter Francesco. But it's her personal, rather than professional, wardrobe that's receiving star treatment.

Coddington, Grace
Cat aficionado, Vogue creative director-at-large, newly minted perfumer. It's all rosy for Miss Coddington.

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