eleanor friedberger personal record

Eleanor Friedberger, previously of the brother-sister duo Fiery Furnaces, has put together something soulful for her latest solo album, Personal Record. In this part sunny, part contemplative confection of straightforward, '70s-tinged rock songs Friedberger flexes her lyrical muscles, crafting scenes and dialogue enough to fill a novel. Making good on the album's title, Friedberger pushes past these dazzling images to create something her listeners can relate to: "That Was When I Knew," articulates her complicated friendship with a female friend and "My Own World" revels in the joy of solitude. Meanwhile, the ballad "Other Boys" pledges allegiance to a lover who may or may not deserve it, taking its time through six gorgeous minutes of shimmery guitars and Wurlitzers. With Personal Record, Friedberger comes out a self-assured songwriter; it's a personal best indeed.

Personal Record is available June 4 at eleanorfriedberger.com.