Sometimes, friends set up friends with other friends. And sometimes, two of those friends are Emma Stone and Taylor Swift, and the third friend is a relatively unknown but promising British actor named Joe Alwyn. What we're trying to say is, Emma Stone reportedly was responsible for setting up Taylor Swift and her new beau, Joe Alwyn. As things are.

According to the Daily Mail, this whole matchmaking extravaganza began because Stone and Alwyn, who snagged his breakout role as the star of last year's Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk, are filming The Favourite, a movie about the reign of Queen Anne, together in the United Kingdom. The Oscar winner introduced Swift to her eligible costar, and in the "several months" — yes, months — since, the singer has been flying to London and traipsing around the city with her new love interest in a myriad of disguises involving hats and scarves to keep their romance under wraps. You know, just regular blind date stuff.

Meanwhile, since Alwyn's entrance into the limelight a whole 24 hours ago, the publication has unearthed some much-anticipated intel about Swift's mysterious new man. One painfully reductive source who claims to be a friend of the actor claims Alwyn never had a girlfriend while at drama school because he was "committed to his craft," yet somehow he is also "a quintessential panty-dropper. Your classic prince charming." Sounds great.

As for us, we plan to wait for Swift's inevitable Grammy-winning album about this blossoming relationship to make up our minds about Alwyn. After all, this is just your average friend-of-a-friend setup. Nothing out of the ordinary to see here.

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