The Emmy Hazmat Suit Interns Are Fun, But Often Cruel

Ramy Youssef learned the hard way.

The producers of the Emmys had to make some tough decisions about what was necessary to the broadcast amidst a pandemic. While we’re left wondering whether sticking to the traditional three-hour runtime was necessary, the show’s answer to the problem of getting the winners their actual statuettes while waiting at home was, at the very least, entertaining.

For select categories, the show actually had people driving around Los Angeles dressed in hazmat suits designed to look like tuxedos to deliver the trophies.

We guess the solution was both practical and safe, but they also gave us flashbacks to “Left Shark” from Katy Perry’s 2015 Super Bowl halftime show: people struggling in unnecessarily goofy full body suits on national television.

Dressing the hazmat suits up as tuxedos (which vaguely resembled the trademark outfit of the late singer Klaus Nomi) helped cut down on the dystopian feel, but it turns out the plan still had some unintentionally creepy side effects. At least for awards losers.

Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series nominee Ramy Youssef revealed that while he didn’t win the award, there was still someone in the hazmat suit standing outside his home should he win.

You’d think that they’d at least have a bottle of champagne to offer to the loser to make up for the fright.