[#image: /photos/5853a196e3d613c03e1ec537]||||||We're fascinated by the phenom that is Charitybuzz, particularly the newest item to get hit up for auction—a semester-long Internship at Versace's New York office. The estimated value is capped at a whopping $20,000. Although the item includes a meet-and-greet with Donatella herself, it says nothing about staff discounts. Refinery29

Fashion might make an exception for Tavi, the fresh-faced 14-year old who blogged her way to the front row, but Google is sticking to its Terms of Service. When Tavi published this naked photo of Maggie Rizer, Google immediately pulled the plug on the little Style Rookie. Fashionista

Newly reconciled and no longer stranded in the US, Jude Law and Sienna Miller return home to London and are immediately spotted house hunting. Also spotted is the same antique engagement ring Jude gave Sienna back in 2005 when they first began dating. Daily Mail UK

Who won the European Fetish Award for Best Fetish Design? Just ask Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Ke$ha, all of whom have been seen wrapped in latex mini dresses, bodysuits, and bondage-esque ensembles. The Cut