I’ve never been one for precious jewelry that’s too, well, precious in its design. I like my hearts a little rough around the edges, my stars bordering on studs and my diamonds—when I’m lucky enough to come by them—simple and frills-free. Just because something is comprised of gemstones and fine metals, doesn’t mean it needs to make you look like some kind of fairytale heroine waiting for her prince to buy her yet another bauble.

[#image: /photos/5853aae5d3b7a5db18f3c170]|||||| So I was particularly excited to hear about Finn jewelry’s new Angel Wing collection, which just landed in Barneys New York. The perfect marriage of delicate and tough, the wing in question is a long, lean, slightly talon-esque motif, more appropriate for a cool, urban girl ready for flight to the nearest gallery or whiskey bar than a strutting Victoria’s Secret creature.

No surprise, then, that the inspiration for the line came from an Ari Marcopoulos photograph of a black feather-sprouting topless model, arms spread in the middle of a forest and from Luc Besson’s “Angel-A” in which Rie Rasmussen plays a modern day angelic being who rights a French scam artist. The grouping’s four pieces riff off the film’s black and white aesthetic. There is a pendant necklace in large and small sizes, and a pair of dangling earrings, all in white pave diamonds and 18K white gold. A black pave diamond and 18K yellow gold version of those earrings rounds things out. Naturally, I’m drawn to those dark wings. They’re the perfect way to be an angel and have your sins, too.