Flavie Audi

Flavie Audi. Photograph by Billal Taright.

The 27-year-old French-Lebanese artist graduated from the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London and spent a year working for John Pawson. But while making glass models for her senior thesis, she realized she cared more about bringing sensuality to the seemingly cold material than she did about the reductionist principles she had been studying. Today, as Audi pursues a master’s in glass at the Royal College of Art in London, she is amassing an impressive body of work, including Cosmic Clouds, atomlike silhouettes whose blue and gold hues are the product of oxidizing silver with clear and black glass in a chemical reaction. “You can capture a frozen moment instantly, and you just sculpt it, because once it cools down, you can’t shape it anymore,” Audi says. “Embracing discovery and accidents is what I really like about glass.”