Don’t Miss: 24-Hour Museum

Francesco Vezzoli’s 24-hour Parisian museum.


“It’s kind of an ironic retrospective,” explains the cheerfully irreverent artist (and W contributor) Francesco Vezzoli about the one-day-only museum he’s staging on January 24 at the Palais d’léna in Paris. With the help of Prada and Rem Koolhaas’s studio, Vezzoli will show 16 years’ worth of work in 24 hours. The pieces will be divided among three spaces: The primary area will be fashioned into a gallerylike white box; hidden rooms will serve as “salons de refuse,” according to Ippolito Pestellini, the main architect; and the top of the grand staircase will feature one of the headline pieces. While light-box sculptures of Vezzoli “divas”—like Natalie Portman, Courtney Love, and Veruschka (above)—will be well represented, the steady stream of visitors will be the real show. “This time, the audience gets to react,” he says. “They are the performance.”

Photo: courtesy of the artist