Hunrod ring. Photo courtesy of Dover Street Market New York.

As part of art week at Dover Street Market New York this year, the store invited Michele Lamy and Loree Rodkin—two living legends in the world of accessories—to curate a special display of their couture jewelry collection, Hunrod. Lamy, who is the wife of designer Rick Owens and is, as Rodkin describes, an “amazing goddess creature,” revealed that she doesn’t like the word jewelry. She prefers “adornment,” and if you’ve ever seen her, you’ll understand why. With silver skulls and bones covering almost every appendage, Lamy and Rodkin were hosting an “arm party” decades before the Man Repeller coined the term. They are the original accessory rock stars.

Today, Rodkin’s loyal clients include Madonna, Cher, and Michelle Obama (who was referred by Oprah). She once even designed a diamond skull bracelet for Mikhail Gorbachev, the former Soviet Union statesman. But despite their popularity, Lamy and Rodkin aren’t making jewelry to please the market—they’re doing it for themselves, which is why the pair chose to bring their pieces to New York during Frieze week. At Dover Street Market on Thursday, an art collector friend stopped by to show off her newly acquired Hunrod ring. “Walking around Frieze today, I got a lot of comments,” she said.