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The Kardashians and the Hadids are rewriting the rules of swimwear.

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“My life is like a stroll upon the beach, as near the ocean’s edge as I can go”—Henry David Thoreau

Spiked Seltzers

Standard Swimsuits

It feels like we’ve only just realized that it’s actually summer, just in time for the calendar to rudely inform us that we only have about a month of it left. Best to take as much advantage of it as we can before Labor Day rolls around—especially now that the vibes and trends of summer 2019 have firmly established themselves. In fact, why not catch everyone up with an In & Out speed round to make sure you’re not left out?

In: Spiked Seltzers | Out: Aperol Spritzes: New Yorkers certainly take their seltzer water a bit more seriously than the rest of the country, so it’s perhaps no mistake that residents of the city, at least, have absolutely gone wild over the advent of spiked seltzers. Yes, that’s flavored bubbly water with alcohol in it, though not too much. Indeed, it’s a perfect beverage for long sessions of day drinking.

In: Wildly Cut Swimsuits | Out: Standard Bikinis: If the Hadids and the Kardashians are anything to go by, the simpler times when swimsuit options were limited to one-piece or two-piece are long gone. Those famous sisters and their circles seem to be favoring wildly cut swimsuits this summer that blur the line not just between bikinis and one-pieces but also, perhaps, clubwear, lingerie, and superhero costumes as well. Of course, if you’re worried about freaky tan lines, then just remember to liberally apply SPF 50, which one should be doing anyway.

In: Elaborate and Ridiculous Pool Floats | Out: Merely Exciting Pool Floats: If Instagram is any indication, the craze for highly photographable pool floats hasn’t gone away, though it may be reaching its peak. This year, our timeline seems to be full of full-on inflatable unicorns, floating versions of Cinderella’s carriage, and entire plastic islands. All trends come to an end at some point, though. This may be the final summer to go big or go home.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s New Favorite Show

Old People

Big Little Lies may have been the headliner, but it’s Euphoria that could ultimately be the bigger summer win for HBO. Regardless of its teen-centric narrative, it’s become a must-watch for people of all ages. Even Leonardo DiCaprio is a massive fan. “I just saw Euphoria, which is amazing,” he said in a rare answer to a question asked of him on the red carpet. Its ratings have held up well without it’s BLL lead-in, and it’s said to be even more of a hit on HBO’s streaming platforms. Not only has it cemented the long-simmering promise of both the talents and star-quality of Zendaya, it’s also introduced the wider world to an entire cast of promising young stars. Indeed, it may represent the future of HBO. The off-shoot streaming service HBO Max (which will use the network’s name, but represents the efforts and interests of the entirety of its parent company, WarnerMedia) will certainly hold a lot of YA appeal. It will stream CW hits, and be the online home to properties like Pretty Little Liars, but it’s also rebooting Gossip Girl for a new audience. Euphoria certainly acts as a natural bridge between the notoriously prestigious cable channel and its more mass streaming spin-off. However, executives at HBO admit that they don’t think that Euphoria itself will be around for long. After all, it’s a show about high schoolers, and people only stay in high school for so long (not to mention that much of its cast members might find themselves in high demand soon). HBO’s president, Casey Bloys, won’t say exactly how long he expects the show to run, but Sunday’s season finale may offer some clues. Fans certainly have some wild theories about the show (which you can read here, if you dare).

The New Queens of Comedy

Fast and Furious Cars

After the jolt that was Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood, the box office is here to remind you that it’s actually time for the dregs of summer. Despite having a name that could also double as a beloved BBC sitcom, Hobbs & Shaw, an off-shoot of the Fast & Furious franchise focusing on Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham’s characters, is the only flick dropping in wide release. Idris Elba plays the villain, while The Crown’s Vanessa Kirby adds some much-needed girl power to the cast, but by this point you should be familiar enough with your stance on the never-ending F&F franchise to know if this is for you. No judgment. You’d be surprised at some of the otherwise cultured people who love these big car films. Limited release, however, holds a few potential indie gems. First is The Nightingale, the follow-up from the Babadook director Jennifer Kent, which is less a horror film and more a period piece about female revenge. The Sundance hit Luce, meanwhile, is a provocative family drama with strong performances from a cast lead by Octavia Spencer and Naomi Watts. Finally, Love, Antosha, the touching documentary about the late actor Anton Yelchin also makes it debut in theaters after a strong Sundance showing. Stars like Kristen Stewart, Jennifer Lawrence, and Jodie Foster all share their remembrances of a young talent who was gone too soon.

Perhaps the sole bright debut on television this week is HBO’s A Black Lady Sketch Show, the title of which is plainly descriptive. Headed up by the comedian Robin Thede, the first season, debuting Friday night, features appearances by Angela Bassett, Laverne Cox, and Lena Waithe.

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