Jeanette Hayes This America Life

Still from Hayes’ This American Life. Courtesy of artist.

Jeanette Hayes is like many others of her generation in so far as the Internet is both her source material and her medium. The 26-year old artist is best known for her collage-like aesthetic, which freely mixes anime characters with classical images—think Botticelli in Harajuku—and she shares both her Photoshopped creations as well as personal images via Instagram and Twitter. In this spirit, and as a play on the Internet’s fondness for year-end round-ups, Hayes began producing an annual personal highlight reel in 2011, a super-cut of all her iPhone, Vine, and Instagram videos from the year that was. Last week, Hayes teamed up with the dealer Ellie Rines at 55 Gansevoort, a storefront gallery in New York’s Meatpacking district, to bring her 2014 recap to more than just her followers: a sidewalk passerby can peek at the video on loop 24/7 through the glass doors of the quirky, vitirine-like space. Past versions have included POV shots of Hayes driving, drinking, and posing in front of the mirror (never at the same time, of course). “It’s cool to see the changes in what I decide to focus on over the years,” explains Hayes. “But the one thing that is consistent throughout all of the videos is fireworks. I guess I love fireworks.”