Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

In slightly off-kilter suits at the “Black Mass” Boston premiere.

Creeper, Puma
How Rihanna's platform sneakers for Puma became the must-have shoe of the season — and the last season, and the one before that. (Probably because everything Rihanna touches turns to gold. Just ask Dior.)

Fashion Incubator, CFDA
The 2018 class of the CFDA's recently inaugurated fashion incubator includes Brother's Vellie's Aurora James, a woman with great taste in shoes.

Heard, Amber
Filing for divorce from one Johnny Depp. An apology video probably can't fix this one.

Kors, Michael
Reportedly being dropped from many Nordstrom stores due to poor quality and excessive discounts. And all this ahead of its earnings report coming out next week.

LaBeouf, Shia
Actor, surprisingly prolific artist — now, hitchhiking across the country as part of his new project "Take Me Anywhere."

Photography, Film
Why some young fashion photographers are going analogue.

Wang, Alexander
The latest designer to shake up the rules of summer fashion. Here, we've compiled a guide to deciphering the summer fashion calendar, because things are about to get a bit messy.

Zuckerberg, Mark
The Facebook founder and CEO just purchased the properties surrounding his Palo Alto home in order to build what sound suspiciously like a series of bunkers. Maybe Facebook really is going to take over the world.