Photo by @KimKardashian, courtesy of Instagram.

American Apparel
Still struggling despite firing Dov Charney. Can't seem to cut an acid wash break.

Bacall, Lauren
The iconic Hollywood actress passed away at age 89.

Continue to be very popular with the hipsters, says the New York Times. May be able to teach American Apparel a thing or two.

Delevingne, Cara
Turned 22 with a birthday bash in Ibiza. Was not to be upstaged by Riccardo Tisci's 40th.

Dore, Garance
Back on the market after breaking up with her partner in both street style and romance, Scott Schuman. Well, this will make the front row a little bit more awkward.

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Dover Street Market London
Joins Instagram. Comme des Garçons does not follow suit.

Fox, Langley
The illustrator/model created Kitty Stardust, a David Bowie-inspired cat. Can you say Internet goldmine?

Gaga, Lady
Opting for a blood and semen-less second fragrance. We all learn from our mistakes.

Kardashian, Kim
Working on a book of selfies with Rizzoli. Now that's just a goldmine.

Kloss, Karlie
Is the new face—er, profile—of Chanel's Coco Noir fragrance.

Madden, Steve
Purchased Dolce Vita for $60.3 million. A guy can never have too many shoes.

Massenet, Natalie
Almost named Net-a-Porter "What's New, Pussycat?" Fortunately did not.

Moretti, Mia
Designing a collection of Lollapalooza-inspired makeup for MAC. Rage on.

Moss, Kate
Made more money last year than ever before.

Opening Ceremony
To stage a one-act play directed by Spike Jonze during New York Fashion Week in lieu of a runway show. Because chocolate fountains were so Fall 2014.

Launching a collection of centerfold-inspired push up bras. Wait, that doesn't make any sense.

Ryder, Winona
Now starring in Rag and Bone's fall 2014 campaign alongside Michael Pitt. We love this forever.

A new app brings the SoHo shopping experience to your iPhone. Crowds not included.

Stone, Lara
Made our day by starring in a Black Keys music video. (Who doesn't love a supermodel video vixen?)

West, North
Knows that a Chanel bag can dress up even the most casual ensemble of a diaper and cardigan. Chic.