When Kirsten Dunst appeared on the 2017 Oscars red carpet, she looked like she was still in character, playing the role of NASA supervisor Vivian Mitchell in Hidden Figures. As it turns out, that wasn't entirely coincidental because Dunst picked a dress that had roots not too far from the time of the story, 1961. Dunst opted for a sleeveless black gown that was originally designed in 1952 by Christian Dior for the autumn-winter Haute Couture collection.

Looking at the Dior gown, it's not hard to place the design, as the cinched waist, elevated bust, and flared hips are evocative of the late designer's iconic bar jacket, which made its first appearance in 1947. While vintage Christian Dior is hard to come by, Dunst had the luxury of receiving a custom re-creation courtesy of the fashion house. "Dior re-imagined Christian’s dress at our request for Ms. Dunst," her co-stylist Clare Hallworth told People. "We were attracted to the fact that it had such a sense of romance and nostalgia, but because of its exacting construction, it felt incredibly modern."

Kirsten Dunst attends the 89th Annual Academy Awards. (Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage)

Steve Granitz

One thing about the gown that wasn't typical of modern designs, however, was the quality that went into the original, as well as Dunst's custom re-creation. "It’s a Christian Dior Haute Couture original created by a master who understood fit and construction,” the actress's other stylist, Nina Hallworth, told People. "Everything is special, from the weight of the fabric to the asymmetry of the hemline, the scalloped back and pockets that make you stand with perfect posture." If only that perfect-posture solution was available to the rest of us.

Dunst seems to have a flair recently to look into the past when it comes to red carpet appearance. She was spotted at an event in Paris earlier this year in a Christian Lacroix dress that may have looked familiar. It was the exact same dress she had worn to the Vanity Fair Oscars Party all the way back in 2004.

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