If you keep up with the behind-the-scenes romances on Riverdale (we know you do), then you're surely aware of the CW show's off-screen couplings. But where does that leave the series' ostensible star, KJ Apa, AKA Archie Andrews? Alone? With those abs? Disgraceful! Well, it looks like he did find love on set, but it was on the set of 2017's A Dog's Purpose, where he met his now maybe-girlfriend, Girlboss star Britt Robertson. Apa, 22, and Robertson, 29, were spotted "hugging" and "leaning in and kissing each other” over the weekend at the Entertainment Weekly part at Comic-Con, according to Us Weekly. The outlet also reports that the two have been liking each other's posts on Instagram since Spring.

If Apa and Robertson are in fact together, we're very happy for them, but it does beg the question: isComic-Con...romantic? It's one thing to reveal a relationship on the Met Ball red carpet or get papped sneaking around Beverly Hills. It's another to just show up at a relatively lowkey industry party with your significant other like it's no big deal. Comic-Con is usually where studios and franchises reveal their next big projects, not where starlets reveal their romances, but hey, to each their own!

Then again, perhaps this is all guerilla marketing for their next collaboration, the upcoming sequel to I Can Only Imagine, titled I Still Believe. That's right, they are in a movie sequel together, but it's not the sequel to the movie they were first in together. A Dog's Purpose and A Dog's Journey are family-friendly films about a dog. I Can Only Imagine and I Still Believe are Christian rock dramas. Clear?

Anyways, congratulations to the possible new couple.

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