Cynical homage to a bygone era? Check. Beachside glamour with a pop art vibe? Check. Americana? Oh, check mate. Lana Del Rey just dropped the release date, art and track list for her sixth album, titled Norman F-cking Rockwell, and it's pure Del Rey as we know her. The cover features LDR reaching for the camera, perhaps a clever play on the popular "follow me" Instagram pose; instead, she's either beckoning to or being drawn to the viewer. Her other arm is around Duke Nicholson, grandson of actor Jack Nicholson. The two are on a sailboat drifting by what looks like a burning beachside. Add in the American flag prominently displayed on the prow and the fact that the sky appears to be painted in oils, with broad brush strokes, and you've got an image worth an MFA.

On the back, Nicholson, who recently made his acting debut in Us, adjusts the sail, and here the beach isn't burning and the sky isn't painted, but we do get a track list: "Normal f-cking Rockwell," "Mariners apartment complex," "Venice bitch," "F-ck it I love you," "Doin' time," "Love song," "Cinnamon girl," "How to disappear," "California," "The next best American record," "The greatest," "Bartender," "Happiness is a butterfly," and "Hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have - but I have it." So many of these titles are Peak Lana, but none more so than "Mariners apartment complex."

A few singles have already been released, and the full album will be available in a month, on August 30. Norman F-cking Rockwell was produced by Zach Dawes, Laura Sisk, Rick Nowles and Jack Antonoff, who also worked on her 2017 album Lust for Life.

The stans, naturally, are excited, in their Lana Del Rey-inspired beautiful-tragic way. As @prasejeebus aptly put it, "Thank god Lana Del Rey is coming back I need new music to listen to while I cry and solemnly stare out of a window." Don't we all?

It looks like we'll be getting music videos sooner rather than later; the singer posted pictures from a shoot for a "double video" for "F-ck It I Love You" and "The Greatest" earlier this week. It's the return of Lana F-cking Del Rey!

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