Sometimes, when enough beauty-obsessed believers wish upon the same star, dreams come true. At least, that’s how it felt for countless blue mascara zealots this month when Maybelline announced that its iconic Great Lash formula in Royal Blue—which fanatics have been snagging from eBay at multiples of its $6.40 price tag since its discontinuation—is available once more. “When I first started out, it was something I’d carry in my kit for editorial shoots,” says Wendy Rowe, the London-born makeup artist who counts fellow British beauties Sienna Miller and Victoria Beckham as clients. “In the '80s, that blue eyeliner and mascara look was super popular—something that Princess Diana always wore at the time.”

The mascara isn't alone. Although it seems like every other day there's a new collaboration on the market, and yet another option for the most imperceptible concealer, the blurriest lip crayon, or the mountain-dewiest highlighter—there are plenty of products that have stood the test of time, and have earned the title "cult classic."

But what are the products that fall into this aspirational category of beauty hall-of-famers? Rowe’s broader interpretation of the title gives a bit of insight into the vetting process: “For me, a cult classic is something that has remained the same since its introduction, remaining popular and gathering a loyal following over the years,” she explains. “You might try out new options, drawn to an exciting looking new launch or fun packaging, but it’s the product that you keep re-buying time and time again.”

On the other hand, Daniel Martin, the go-to makeup artist for actresses like Meghan Markle and Elisabeth Moss, is a fan of two of the most tried-and-true products really do live up to the hype. “Since I started my career in the mid '90s, Chanel's Vamp lipstick was a big one, as well as NARS Orgasm blush, which in my opinion was made famous by Jennifer Lopez," he says.

In an effort to cull the favorites of makeup masters, from modern beauty revolutionist Isamaya Ffrench to dark star Francelle Daly, we appealed to seven pros for their favorite formulas. Here, a guide to the products they can't live without, and the stories behind them:

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