Coco Baudelle. Coming soon to @MansurGavriel.

Define your Instagram style in three hashtags:

trueblue #flowerpower #love

What was your first Instagram:
A regram from Alissa Walker, a Los Angeles-based journalist. She photographed our large tote on a yellow table at the Standard Hotel in Los Angeles. We loved the color and graphic composition of the image.

What is the one thing you would never post:
For us, Instagram is about aesthetics, and most of our content consists of our own creative shoots, or “campaigns.” Our friends and internal creative team Tanya and Zhenya Posternak shoot nearly every day. They shoot in NYC and also often travel to locations such as L.A., Mexico, Italy, France, and more. We like to shoot a variety of women—our friends, girls we meet on the street, and models as well.

We love the idea of using Instagram as a platform to express our visual ideas and creative direction for the brand. In addition to our own projects, and the work we do with Tanya and Zhenya, we also shoot with Sophia Aerts and just a finished a project with Marcelo Gomes.

Occasionally we shoot the office (“#mgheadquarters”), but rather than a depiction of “daily life”, this is more of a “behind the scenes” of our brand aesthetic. This series typically plays with color, and texture, occasionally featuring office objects, flowers, or fruit. We love having beautiful and interesting flowers in the office at all times.

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What are your most popular posts of all time:
We find images that are bold or emotive in some way are often popular—the bucket bag framed in an iconic way; bright, crisp color; character in a model’s expression or beautiful movement; a landscape or scene that evokes holiday, or nostalgic relationships to nature—a warm summer day, the sea. A particularly popular series features Zhenya Posternak with our mini rosa bucket bag. We love the color story, and the drama of the movement and expression.

What’s the most memorable comment you’ve received:
What we’ve noticed is that a comment can spark a conversation, which can turn into an ongoing dialogue amongst our followers. This is what we truly adore about Instagram—allows us to interact and be able to hear first hand from our followers. We feel fortunate that we have so many vocal fans who want to engage with us.

Who are your 5 favorite accounts to follow on Instagram: