Blowing Riccardo

Still from Blowing Riccardo. Courtesy of Marie Vic / Hotel Particulier.

Fall 2014 may have come and gone, but Riccardo Tisci’s cowboy-chic collection for Givenchy is experiencing a second wind—in artist Marie Vic’s new multi-screen video installation, "Blowing Riccardo." To create the nine videos that make up this piece, the young French artist dragged the chiffon Givenchy gowns and some large industrial fans to an aircraft graveyard in the Mojave Desert. "I wanted it to feel like a community of loners," explains the artist of her choice to feature one dress per screen against a breezy soundtrack, an iPhone recording of a talented friend's jam session. “As soon as we inflated them, I feel like they became these distinct characters.” While she didn't ask for Tisci’s permission, Vic was pleased when the designer ultimately gave the piece the thumbs up. “Learning that he liked it was heaven, but I didn’t really do it for him. It was for me.”

Blowing Riccardo will be on view at Hotel Particulier in New York on the evening of March 5th and online through Sedition Art.